Answers to some commonly asked questions about QLA Africa can be found here

What is Quantum Leap Africa about?

QLA is an information science & quantum technology research centre created by AIMS to deliver top quality high impact research. QLA will position Africa as a leader in solving critical problems of development through cutting-edge data analytics and smart systems design.

What is the key activity at QLA?

A high-level interdisciplinary research, focused on data analytics, engineering, quantum science design for smart systems in Africa, and future technologies.

How can I be part of QLA?

You can be part of QLA by applying as a student, researcher, tutor or lecturer at QLA or by supporting the running of QLA programs.

How do I donate to QLA?

To donate to QLA, click on the Donate button.

Is QLA an affiliate to AIMS or is it an institution of its own?

QLA is a project of the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS), which has a proven track record of building scientific centers of excellence across Africa.