Chanelle Matadah Manfouo, Cameroon


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Chanelle Matadah Manfouo
PHD Student

Academic background:
Mathematics and computer science
Research interests:
Quantum information, quantum machine learning, quantum cryptography, data science.
Research Projects:
My research aims to review and propose possible optimization of quantum subroutines for some machine learning algorithms. Then, implement improved versions of the latter on real data.
Quantum-access security of the Winternitz one-time signature scheme, with Christian Majenz and Maris Ozols. Link to archive: arXiv:2103.12448, Journal ref: Proceedings of ITC 2021, LIPIcs, vol. 199, pp. 21:1–21:22, 978-3-95977-197-9 (2021), DOI:10.4230/LIPIcs.ITC.2021.21.