Dr. Yoshua Bengio


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Dr. Yoshua Bengio
Head of the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms. Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Operations Research.

Yoshua Bengio is a full Professor of the Department of Computer Science and Operations Research, head of the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms (MILA),CIFAR Program co-director of the CIFAR program on Learning in Machines and Brains,  Canada Research Chair  in Statistical Learning Algorithms.

- In 2017, Bengio was named an Officer of the Order of Canada.
- Nominated Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.
- He received the Marie-Victorin Quebec Prize. University,2009-Barnum-simonschair in Mathematics and statistics 2012.
Faculty member at the Université de Montréal since 1993
Head of the MILA (Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms)
Co-director of the Learning in Machines & Brains project of the Canadian 

Bengio received his Bachelor of Engineering (electrical engineering), Master of Science (computer science) and PhD(computer science) from McGill University. He was a post-doctoral fellow at MIT (under Michael I. Jordan) and AT&T Bell Labs. Bengio has been a faculty member at the Université de Montréal since 1993, heads the MILA (Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms) and is co-director of the Learning in Machines & Brains project of the Canadian.

Yoshua Bengio is currently action editor for the Journal of Machine Learning Research, associate editor for the Neural Computation journal, editor for Foundations and Trends in Machine Learning, and has been associate editor for the  Machine Learning Journal and the  IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks.

Yoshua is also Officer of the Order of Canada and member of the Royal Society of Canada.

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