Eke Nnanna Arua, Nigeria


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Eke Nnanna Arua, Nigeria
PHD Student

Nnanna’s background is in Statistics and Economics (Bachelor’s) at the university of Botswana, Statistics (Masters) at the university of Botswana, Public Health (Masters) at the university of Cape Town.

His research interests include statistical and computational methods for Longitudinal and Geospatial Data.

Some of his research projects include Clustering of longitudinal HIV viral loads in the Western Cape (South Africa) there is a blog post about it here: http://www.biostatslab.africa/clustering-of-longitudinal-viral-loads-in-the-western-cape/, Latent class modelling

Approximating the Poisson probability distribution by the Conway-Maxwell Poisson distribution. PDF link can be found here: http://www.jaqm.ro/issues/volume-10,issue-4/pdfs/3_N._R._.pdf