Jodelle Aurelie Kemme


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Jodelle Aurelie Kemme
Research Master's

Aurelie Jodelle Kemme is a Cameroonian with a fascinating problem solving skills.
she holds a bachelor degree in Pure mathematics from the university of Douala (Cameroon) and a master degree in Industrial mathematics from the African Institute for mathematical Science (AIMS Cameroon). Aurelie worked previously as a software engineer at the Climate Application and Prediction Center (CAPC-AC) where she succeeded to build an interface user-machine to help them manage their climatic and meteorological database.

Aurelie was part of the Ishango data science fellowship program where she worked with which is a UK based company supplying tailored dogs’ foods. Aurelie designed a data driven marketing strategy to help improves their customers experience and satisfaction. Aurelie is currently working as a research master in data science at Quantum Leap Africa. Aurelie is passionate about turning data into business solution and she enjoys helping others.

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