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Nehad Attaelmanan Abdelrahim Mabrouk

Nehad attained her BSc from University of Khartoum (Physics). She did her Masters in Mathematical Science at AIMS-Senegal.

Nehad did her Bsc from university of Khartoum (Physics). She did her masters in mathematical science at AIMS-Senegal, prior to that she did a master’s degree in theoretical physics at university of Trieste. She is currently a PhD student at university of Calgary, physics and Astronomy department under the supervision of Prof. Barry C.Sanders. She is also a visiting researcher at Quantum Leap Africa (QLA) and a tutor at AIMS-Rwanda and QLA from (January 20th to March 9th 2019). Her research in Rwanda is about Quantum teleportation protocol collaborating with Joan Ngure under supervision of Prof. Barry C.Sanders.  Her research interest is implementation of quantum information, Quantum computing. 

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