Yossi Nir


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Prof. Yossi Nir
Weizmann Institute of Science
April 1st, 2023 - April 3rd, 2023
Theoretical particle physics
Gender in physics

Yossi Nir is a Professor of Physics at Weizmann Institute of Science. Between 2005 and 2006, he served as Chair of the Weizmann Institute’s Appointments and Promotions Committee. In 2008, he was appointed Dean of the Faculty of Physics, a position he held until 2015.

Yossi Nir conducts studies in theoretical particle physics, and more recently on gender in

physics. He was the Scientific Director of the Israeli Center of Research Excellence (I-CORE) “The Quantum Universe”, a member in the High Energy Particle Physics Board of the European Physical Society, a member of the Scientific Policy Committee of CERN, and a member of various other European advisory boards of physics institutes.

In collaboration with Helen Quinn, former president of the American Physical Society, he has written a popular science book, “The Mystery of the Missing Antimatter”, published in 2007 by Princeton University Press. His latest textbook about “The Standard Model – from symmetry principles to experimental tests”, is upcoming at Princeton University Press.