Data Science And Big Data Analytics

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Data Science And Big Data Analytics

Capitalizing on Rwanda’s efficient development of ICT to assemble world-class expertise in data analytics, the focus would be on improving the lives of urban and rural citizens through continuous “fitness-tracking” of their basic provisions and infrastructure.

The field of data analytics and big data is itself emerging as a critical discipline with important relevance to economic growth and development. QLA assembles world-class expertise in data science, engaging Africa’s brightest youth in R&D to implement advanced systems for data gathering, systems monitoring, and rapid analysis.

The main focus of QLA’s research in data science is foundational Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. However, the goal is to apply data science in improving the lives of citizens through water, energy, health, inform government, public agencies, and companies, as well as the population at large in order to support improved decision making.


Data For Development Africa

Strategies to take in order to make data analytics beneficial to Africa include:

  • Training Artificial Intelligence (AI) Algorithms for African needs.
  • Graphical and Data visualization models.

African Masters in Machine Intellgence (AMMI)

Providing brilliant young Africans with state-of-the-art training in machine learning and its applications, allowing them to pursue world-class research and to help build technologies that will address key challenges facing the world and the continent in particular



Current trends and themes of data science in industry include:
  • Deep learning.
  • Graphical and Data visualization models.
  • Experimental design.
Dr. Prince Osei
Lead Scientist & Director, Quantum Leap Africa (QLA)